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4M KidzMaker Lovely Pillow My Unicorn

MVR 260

Sew your own Soft and cuddly Unicorn pillow. Easy to make and soft to hug. Perfect to light up any room as a decoration or as an adorable doll.


  • Includes Unicorn pattern, plastic needle and floss.
  •  5 years and onwards

Audi R8 V10 – Red

MVR 345

Maisto Tech series RC Audi R8 V10 – Red


  • Officially Licensed Remote-controlled car.
  • Built to 1:24 scale with authentic styling and modifications.
  • Includes pistol grip R/C controller.
  • Left-right and forward-reverse steering.
  • Requires two AA batteries for the vehicle and two AAA batteries
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Audi R8 V10- Red

MVR 260

Maisto MotoSounds series Audi R8 V10- Red


  • Officially Licensed NON Remote-controlled car.
  • Built to 1:24 scale with authentic styling.
  • Free wheeler with moto sound.
  • Requires two AA batteries.
  • Car size is about 8 inch.
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Aurora Rino – 8 inch

MVR 315

From award winning show YooHoo, Rino is a blue Sumatran Rhinoceros.


  • 8 inches in size.
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Aurora Ruby Rabbit – 6.5 inch

MVR 250

Ruby from Max & Ruby is kind and caring, she is always looking out for her brother, Max. Ruby’s ears stick up with a bright smile on her face. She is wearing a mint-polka-dotted light pink dress.


  • 6.5 inches in size.

Aurora Stegosaurus Dinosaur- 13 inch

MVR 399

Stegosaurus is a large and heavily built dinosaur as it stands on all fours! This Stegosaurus is dark green with patterned scales all over, a golden underside, and two rows of bony plates on its back.

Aurora Triceratops Dinosaur – 14 inch

MVR 355

Thanks to MR. T, you can hang around with a cool big dinosaur that is bound to help you feel nice and comfortable. He’s very strong and firm, giving you a rather awesome little chance to cuddle up with a nice big dinosaur who can keep you safe.


  • 14” long from top to bottom.